Percentage Calculator

Using the calculator, you can calculate the percentage of any number without restrictions, the solution is given in the percent table with an accuracy of two decimal places. Simple the formula for calculating the percentage. A percent is a ratio of a number expressed out of 100.

How much percent is the discount in rubles or how much percent is the weight in kilograms? The calculator is universal, you will get an answer to any question on calculating percentages in a couple of clicks. The example of a discount in the store shows calculation of savings when buying goods for the promotion.

You need to enter the desired percentage, the number from which you need to count and click Calculate

What is

A practical example of how you can calculate 14% of 350$

Let's take an unusual situation from our life. Let's say your salary 350$. The boss announced that for excellent work beautiful eyes he will raise your salary next month by 14%. Let's calculate what the increase will be if the boss does not change his mind?

Salary increase = Current salary * Rise / 100%


We substitute the values from our example into the formula for calculating new big salary:

14% multiplied by 350$ and we divide the result by 100%

Wow! Your salary increase will be 49$

Thus, if current salary $350 and salary increase 14%, you get a pay raise on $49.

For good work next month you will receive a salary: $350 + $49 = $399.